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Treadwheel Turnstile

Proposal drawing and model, in collaboration with Shelly Cook Contreras.


Model: Steel, plexiglas, wood.
Drawing: Ink on vellum.

Scale model.
Model: Steel, plexiglas, wood.

Isometric, elevation and schematic drawing of an installation/performance for the Kala Institute in Berkeley.

Two tread wheels turn on opposite sides of a central axle, activating a turnstile consisting of four mirrored revolving doors.  Performers operate the mechanism interactively.  The revolving mirrors redistribute light reflected from the four corners of the room

Scale drawing.
Axonometric drawing: ink on vellum.
Detail: base of model showing turning mechanism below a circular floor.
Scale drawing with detail sketches and notations.
Axonometric with floor plan and elevation detail.