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Installation performance

My activation and sound projects involve moving structures, audience participation, and composed and random sound. Motion and sound animate the installation’s physicality, adding a dimension that communicates across cultural, language, age and gender boundaries.

Water showers down when Judith, Darren, and Yari rock the colander see saw.
600 Townsend Building
San Francisco, CA 2002

Judith and Marilyn perform on the blue dinghy strung with piano wire
Echoes from Broken Vessels
Crucible Steel Gallery
San Francisco, CA 1998
Installation overview with teeter-totter, see saw, water, and trough, red file folders
a Treatise to Dispel Myths About the Creative Act
De Fabriek
Eindhoven, Netherlands 1992
Judith plays an 8 ft palo de lluvia filled with billiard balls, 2 others perform in background.
8-Ball Obbligato
Secession Gallery at South Beach Billiards
San Francisco, California 1992