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Cascadence Score

Chus Alonso refined the complex instrumentation for this score for Cascandence, a performance installation Funded by an Individual Artist Commission Grant from the San Francisco Arts Commission Cultural Equity Grants Program. The score was structured according to the cycles of water.

  1. Deshielo (Runoff)
    • Drops of water falling from ice in strainers. This first segment precedes the performance from 6:00 to 7:00.
    • Darren is in charge of making sure there is ice in the strainers from 6:00 – 8:00.
  2. Lluvia (Rain, Water drops)
    • Little stones, pennies thrown into the water
    • Pipe Dropper rhythms
    • Sprayer
    • Colanders See Saw
  3. Riachuelo (Creek)
    • Water whistle
    • Kazoos
    • Trumpet water
    • Pan water slide flutes (two models)
    • Pan water flutes
    • Whistle horns
    • “UUU’s” (5-gallon water bottle spouts)
  4. Cascada (Cascade)
    • Teakettle fountain
    • Fennel chimes
    • Pouring water with small containers
    • Playing on the bottom of the teakettles
  5. Rio (River)
    • Long flexible branches hitting the water
    • Clapping water
    • Water mallets, upside down containers
    • Gourds
    • Film canister membrairophones
  6. Desembocadura (Delta-mouth)
    • Water flute
  7. Océano (Ocean)
    • Waves (buckets pouring into yellow tubs)
  8. Vapor de agua (Evaporation)
    • Water boilers
    • Blowing bubbles, making bubbles with air pumps, balloons
    • Plastic spray bottles
  9. Nube (Cloud, Condensation)
    • Flute
    • Gourds
    • Film canister membrairophones
    • Metal resonating container
  10. Tormenta (Storm, Rain)
    • Long flexible plastic pipe rotation, creating wind sound
    • Long pipes played with hands
    • Plastic bags
    • Big plastic sheet
    • Metal resonating containers and Tibetan bells
    • Aluminum surface-thunder