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Carry Me Away from Here so I Can: San Francisco, CA

Contract Design Center
San Francisco, California 1995

This wheel mounted with eight red sails has one word from the title text painted on each sail, creating a circular sentence.

Spinning backward and forward, unpredictably driven by the wind, the wheel performs a metaphor.

Temporary installation. New and salvaged wood, salvaged aluminum pipe, foam, cloth, gravel, earth, wheat grass, goldfish, plants, water.

11′ H x 14′ Diameter

Installation establishing shot on patio in front of tall brick wall.
Carry Me Away from Here So I Can – San Francisco, CA 1995
Side view: the sails spinning over the pool.
Detail: 2 sails mounted on ring, troughs filled with bushy grass and gravel.
Detail: sails mounted on ring flanked by grass growing alongside the pool's edge.
The word “CAN” is faintly stenciled with gold paint in the corner of the sail
Detail: closeup of floating ring made of wood and foam inside the pool.
Aerial view: octagonal pool with sails mounted on a wood and foam ring.