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Red River Beds: San Francisco

University of San Francisco
San Francisco, California

Seven beds traverse an imaginary river of air floating, suspended between trees scattered in an area of the college campus.

Temporary installation. Salvaged bed parts and wood, paint.

11′ H x 25′ W x 300′ L

Two red beds suspended from cypress trees over lush plants.
Like Mom Used to Make (foreground)
Make Your Bed and Lie in It (background)
Red wooden bed suspended with cable between two tree trunks.
Make Your Bed and Lie in It
Small bed with metal springs, red headboard and footboard, suspended over a grassy garden.
Innocence is Bliss
Two red beds suspended from a large tree behind a row of tall, bladed flax plants.
Untitled (left)
Polynanna (right)
Red wooden bed suspended over lush bushes.
Two beds suspended between tall trees over a grassy garden.
Polyanna (left)
Untitled (right)
Suspended bed showing tree tops above it.